Maintenance and repair work for road structures and airports.

Road and concrete
platforms constructions

The concrete road structures are durable structures with a high degree of strength and as well low maintenance costs.
We carry out complete works of concrete roads and platforms, from casting to the sealing of the joints.

surface repairs

Works with
casting asphalt Impermerit

More than asphalt; Impermerit is the only waterproof and self-leveling asphalt.

No compaction required. It is poured, manually or mechanically, at temperatures of 220-240 °C.

It is versatile in terms of its applications and functions: being waterproof it is good hydro-waterproofing; being rigid and resistant to aging and traffic it is a good road support for roads, bridges and highways.

Asphalt maintenance
and repair

The clogging and maintaining sealed of the fissures and cracks prevent pits from occurring, respectively are prolonging the life of the asphalt carpet.

Special cutting
in road concrete

We perform concrete cutting with diamond disc, in a precise time, quickly and at different depths.


Expansion joints at bridges

Fiber optic

microtuburi  fibră optică
Micro-pits for fiber optic cables in the road

Application for introducing the fiber optic cables into the road, through micro-tubes.

We perform micro-excavation works in such a way that the disturbance and the intervention in the road are as little visible and invasive both for the road support and for the traffic.

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