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Brief history

The company Dito Group was established in 2006, with the desire to introduce high quality products on the Romanian market in the field of road construction, bridges, airport runways, offering sustainable solutions.

Taking into account our clients' requirements, we started to apply the commercialized products, so, in 2007 we were already doing clogging works.

Our activity expanded in 2009, when we began to provide technical support and perform maintenance work of the moving surfaces in airports. Coming with a new, more efficient alternative and state-of-the-art technology, supported by the AACR certificate, most of the airports in Romania have opted for our services for the last 10 years.

The expansion of the company came as a natural result for the quality products and customized solutions offered, in order to be able to execute the works well. Thus, in 2013 it cannot be moved to the Industrial Park, with an area of 2600 sqm.

In 2014, the second working point was set up in Brașov, in order to respond more effectively to the large number of requests. As a result of the enlargement process, in 2016, Dito Group started operating abroad, so we started to have satisfied customers and partners in Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium and Croatia.


The roads are vital to the well-being of a country. They are the arteries of the economy and keep the progress in motion. But the roads are important because they unite us. The roads are the ones that lead Romania forward.


We are a company with a 100% Romanian capital and we aim to bring Romania closer to Europe, building roads and bridges, platforms and airports with ease and purpose.

The guarantee of Dito

We are a national leader in sealing and maintenance works for road structures and airports, with a solid experience of 12 years. We use proven technical solutions, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative materials.
We guarantee the delivery of each work at European standards, with resource economy and fast execution times.

Our clients

International Airport Avram Iancu Cluj Napoca

Transilvania International Airport, Târgu Mureș

Transilvania International Airport, Târgu Mureș

International Airport, Oradea

Cluj Regional Roads and Bridges Directorate


The guarantee of the works of Dito Group is the direct result of the quality of the materials and technologies used, of the work, of our knowledge and of the experience gained.

It is also the merit of our collaborators for their ideas, work, creativity and inventions.

All our works and materials, whether they are for roads and bridges, alleys, water dams or airport runways, meet and comply with the requirements of any national and international regulations, both in the field of road infrastructure and in the civil and military airport area.

We ensure transparency in the execution of the works and we guarantee the delivery of quality projects, the working procedures being technically approved.

Technical support

When the biggest competitor is the internet, as a provider of endless opinions and information, the technical and commercial support become values that define and differentiate a company.

Our team is ready to provide you with all the technical support to identify certified and tailored solutions for your projects. We are at your disposal to provide you with specialized advice, information on the materials and technology used, as well as our expertise.


By maintaining the identity of a specialized supplier of maintenance materials for road surfaces, and carrying out works only with our own materials, all of these made us today to be a leader and a reliable supplier with a higher level of experience and unique among our competitors.


The present times require fast-delivery projects that protect the environment, provide safety and ensure the economy of the human resources, materials and utilities.

Your progress is also our progress and what we are looking for is to be your partner. That is why we are flexible, prompt and efficient.

Thanks to the technical equipments we have, we can easily carry out the works, both at night and in winter, as well as in intense traffic conditions and between flights.

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