Biguma SAMI

Reinforced bitumen string for joints and fissures

General description

Self-adhesive bituminous strip modified with polymers for reinforcing road layers in the area of fissures or joints. 

Due to the special composition of the BIGUMA®-SAMI string, it prevents or delays the appearance of fissures in the asphalt layers for a longer period of time. 

The BIGUMA®-SAMI string should always be covered with an asphalt layer with a thickness over > 4 cm.

Generally used for covering joints and fissures in the existing road layers to be reinforced with a new asphalt carpet.

The advantages of the product

  • Easy to cast and/or stretch;
  • Good adhesion capacity on mineral and bitumen-containing materials;
  • Sufficient stability for working widths up to 100 mm;
  • Compatibility with ordinary bituminous substances;
  • Resistance to the freeze-thaw cycles.

Technical specifications

  • Density of approx. 2.25 g/cm3; 3;
  • Take up a movement of 10% of the volume of the joint;
  • It is waterproof;
  • Dimensions: rolls of 33 cm width x 2.8 mm thick.
sami band

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