Biguma KV3

Polysulfide sealant for joints sealing

General description

The polysulphide sealant is a two-component sealing material that is used on concrete joints for road structures and on different construction surfaces, such as concrete support walls.

It has a wide use in areas such as: road systems, airport runways, gas stations, refineries, hydrotechnical systems and other environments with corrosive substances, acids, fuels and solvents.

Product characteristics

  • Material resistant to corrosive media, solvents, hydrocarbons, salts, kerosene, petroleum fuels;
  • Compatible with different construction surfaces (asphalt, cement concrete, metal, paving, wood, glass, masonry);
  • It takes up to 35% of the existing movements in the joint;
  • Fast hardening time;
  • Applicable to vertical or horizontal joints.

Technical specifications

  • Color: white/gray/black;
  • Density: 1 g/cm3;
  • Presentation form: bicomponent A + B;
  • Method of processing and application: cold;
  • Available: casting version and ironing board;
  • Packaging: 4 l, 6 l, 10 l, 30 l;
  • Requires Colzumix CP primer;
  • Regulatory norm: EN 14188-2; 2004.
Biguma KV3 – Polysulfide sealant for joints sealing

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