Biguma Connect

Mastic bituminos fără amorsă pentru colmatare rosturi

General description

Biguma Connect este un mastic bituminos care nu necesită amorsă cu conținut de bitum modificat cu polimeri, destinat pentru colmatarea rosturilor de dilatație și contracție.  

Product characteristics

    • Material of plastic-elastic consistency; 
    • Ensures an optimal equalization between the taking over of the movements and the damping of the tensions in the joints; 
    • It takes up to 25% of the existing movements in the joint;
    • Good adhesion on the substrates containing bitumen and minerals;
    • Good resistance to aging;
    • Compared to other bituminous mastic, it does not require prior priming.

Technical specifications

    • Density: 1.1 g/cm3;
    • Packaging: 10 - 28 kg;
    • Working temperature: approx. 160-180 °C;
    • Expansion capacity: at least 480%;
    • Regulatory standard: EN 14188-1:2005.
Mastic bituminos fără amorsă - Biguma Connect

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